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             Why Choose Eternal Cheveux?

This company provides the best authentic hair from South India. The manufacture collects the hair from a donors head through their local temple and carefully handpicked and sorted for best quality textures. In order to provide you with a better product that stands apart from so call "Remy" hair that's being sold in your local beauty stores today.

Raw Indian hair last up to 2-3 years with good hair care. Treat the bundles like its your own hair and you will receive good results each time you install your bundles. Our company provides three textures natural wave, curly and slight straight. Each texture comes with their own type of maintenance and a little frizz this is how you can tell if the quality of the hair is real human hair. Raw Indian hair is unprocessed hair there's no chemicals done to the hair unless its  the 613 blonde and raw indian hair can be steam process no silicone or harmful chemicals added. Indian hair can also be colored to your desire.


South Indian very cuticle healthy hair. Slightly more textured but still soft with movement. Thicker towards the bottom and colors easily.

North Indian hair wave pattern not as defined more availability thinner towards the bottom more sleek, less curly styles.

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